Diba Carpets Innovation in the weaving of a wide range of carpets with Design variation Color variation Size variation

With 26 years of experience, Diba Carpet aims to satisfy a wide range of up-to-date tastes with the best quality.


New Collections

Diba carpet Features

modern technology

Carpet weaving with the latest and most up-to-date technology in the world to provide an excellent machine-made carpet.

Geometric sizes

Ability to produce carpets in any size of rectangular, runner, circle, square, polygonal and even geometric shapes.

Without any lint

Producing carpets with unique structure and best quality yarns without any lint.

No color restrictions

Carpets with any color combination and without any restriction in color selection.

The most delicate designs

Producing carpets with the most delicate designs accordant with world trend and original Persian carpets.

Exclusive in weaving

Carpet weaving with 2,300,000 points per square meter by a unique machine made in Germany and Austria

The newest Designs

  • AF330
  • AF271
  • AF242
  • AF224
  • AF222
  • AF221
  • AF151
  • AF150
  • AF141
  • AF140
  • AF81
  • AF80

Carpet for all Houses

Carpet plays a very important role in the stylish and beautiful home decoration, with Diba carpet you can choose your suitable carpet for all spaces of your home in any style, including modern, classic and traditional, according to the variety of designs, colors and custom-made designs.

Diba carpet


Carpet with custom-made designs

In any special space and architecture, such as houses, religious and recreational places, etc., sometimes customers need the carpet to be designed according to that architecture and interior decoration, so Diba carpet can offer corresponding custom-made designs.


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